For Immediate Release                                                                   Contact: Darrell Connerton


California Congress of Republicans is pleased to announce the results of it’s Endorsing Convention held on March 23-25, 2012.   After hearing from the candidates and conducting delegate deliberation, the following candidates have received the CCR endorsement for these respective offices:

Mitt Romney                           President

Al Ramirez                              US Senate

David Valadao                        21st Congressional District

Kevin McCarthy                     22nd Congressional District

Buck McKeon                         25th Congressional District

Mark Reed                              30th Congressional District

Mary Bono-Mack                    45th Congressional District

Tony Strickland                      19th Senate District

Steve Knight                           21st Senate District

Todd Zink                               27th Senate District

Predo Rios                              32nd Assembly District

Shannon Grove                       34th Assembly District

Scott Wilk                               38th Assembly District

Greg Krikorian                        43rd Assembly District

Corky Reynaga-Emmett         56th Assembly District


The California Congress of Republicans was founded in 1989 as a mainstream conservative, grassroots volunteer organization.  The CCR is officially chartered as part of the California Republican Party.


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