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Mark Hershey, CCR President

The CCR has many objectives, some of which are: (a) to become an influential political force for constructive action to preserve and protect responsible constitutional government, (b) to educate members and the public at large regarding pending legislation, candidates for public office, and the important issues of the day, (c) to encourage qualified Republicans to seek public office, (d) to help Republican candidates get elected, (e) to increase Republican registration and voter turnout, and (f) to promote unity, effectiveness and loyalty among all Republican groups.


Speaker Series

To achieve some of CCR objectives, we partnered with South Peninsula Area Republican Coalition (SPARC) to provide a monthly “Speaker’s Series” presentation.  An important and timely topic is selected and then an outstanding speaker is scheduled for the event. These topics include: “What’s Next for the Supreme Court”; U.S. and China relations; California ballot initiatives; post-election analysis; legislative attacks on Proposition 13; and the effects of Propositions 47 and 57 on the criminal justice system.




    About the CCR

    The California Congress of Republicans (CCR) is a grass-roots political organization, founded in 1989 and permanently chartered by the California Republican Party. CCR is built upon the shared Republican principles of Limited Government, Lower Taxes to create genuine economic opportunities, individual liberty, personal responsibility and leadership in world freedom.


    Join the CCR

    California Congress of Republicans provide an opportunity for like-minded individuals who share important core values to network and socialize with each other. This camaraderie can be furthered by participating in or joining a chartered organization in their community.  Because CCR is statewide and a chartered organization, its members’ voices are heard at the California State Republican Party level.



    CCR Chapters

    California Congress of Republicans (CCR) is a statewide organization, permanently chartered by the California Republican Party with chapters throughout the State of California. Many of our members also serve on their respective county Republican Central Committees and local Republican clubs.

    New Chapter website for South County Congress of Republicans: http://sccrepublicans.org/


    Chapter Events


    CCR Chapters hold local events. You can view all the current events here



    Chapter News

    The numerous Chapters of the CCR publish Newsletters or important information for their respective Chapter.

    Recent NEWS



    The page contains a listing of all the CCR and CCR Chapters leadership and their titles.



    From the Capitol

    News/Articles from Sacramento

    • NEW: Gavin Newsom calls for bill modeled on Texas abortion ban to crack down on gun manufacturers
    • Gavin Newsom aims to ban oil drilling

    • Newsom Recall
    • No More Taxes Please
    • Kalifornia


    The California Congress of Republicans provides resources to its chapters throughout the State, and hosts monthly events to inform voters. Please help us continue to make these services available to California voters. You can enter the amount that fits your budget.





    Contact Us

    We welcome new members with diverse ideas, who relish the power of teamwork. We will assist you in building your chapter. CCR helps identify, bring forward and endorse statewide candidates.

    To discuss or have questions concerning the CCR or it’s Chapter’s you can reach out to: