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During these unprecedented times, the California Congress of Republicans (“CCR”) remains highly relevant through its wildly popular, statewide Zoom calls. We discuss issues which matter to Californians with top-tier, subject matter experts.  Chapters, members and guests agree that these speaker talks are collegial, informative and well-articulated.  Unless specially noted, CCR and its participating chapters avail these presentations free of charge.


Jim Blew

(June 2021) Jim Blew

Former Assistant Secretary of Education and Chief Policy Advisor to Betsy Devos

Topic: Why California Education Leaders Get a Failing Grade from Parents and Students

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(March 2021) Former Mayor of San Diego
Why does CA need a new leader?
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Ken Buck

(April 2021) Ken Buck

Ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee

Topic: How to Reign in Big Tech

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Dr. Michael Auslin

(November 2020) Michael Auslin, Research Fellow in Contemporary Asia at the Hoover Institution spoke on U.S. – China Relations.

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Prof Michael McConnel

Prof. Michael McConnell

(February 2021) Professor and Director of the Stanford Constitutional Law Center

What’s Next for the Supreme Court

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Dr. Lanhee Chen

(October 2020) Veteran political consultant and Hoover Institution Fellow Lanhee J. Chen, Ph.D. provided a pre-election briefing on California’s ballot measures.

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Dr. Lydia Ortega

(August 2020) Lydia Ortega, Ph.D. & Chair Emeritus, Economics Dept at SJSU joined a panel discussion on California’s Prop. 16 and the Return of Discrimination.

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Hon. Kevin Kiley

(September 2020) California Assemblyman Kevin Kiley has been the champion of “gig” workers and the passage of Proposition 22.

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Chief Ron Lawrence

(May 2020) As President of the California Police Chiefs Association, Chief Ron Lawrence briefed guests on the campaign to overturn parts of Props 47 and 57 relating to criminal penalties, early release of violent criminals, and the need to collect DNA samples through Prop. 20.

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John Fund

(December 2020) With legal challenges pending in the Presidential Election, National Review Columnist John Fund explained “What Happened in the November Election?”

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Jessica Patterson

(May 2020) Chairwoman Jessica Patterson has led the California Republican Party since 2018, including successful special elections, and large goals of flipping seats in the House of Representatives and State Legislature. She gave guests an update on the upcoming November election.

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