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The California Congress of Republicans (CCR) was founded in 1989 as a mainstream conservative, grassroots volunteer organization. We are officially chartered as part of the California Republican Party (CRP).

Working within the CRP framework, CCR stresses the inclusion of divergent views among Republicans. We agree with Ronald Reagan: If we agree with each other 80 percent of the time, we should overcome the 20 percent of disagreement. We strive to INCLUDE (not exclude) all Republicans, and we extend our appeal to independent voters. We are the natural volunteer home for most Republicans in California and we are a strong recruiter for others to join our party.

The CCR philosophy is based on core Republican values: individual responsibility, personal freedoms, limited government, a market economy, low taxes, and strong national defense. We don’t play politics with personal and religious social issues, leaving those to the practice of personal freedoms.

We endorse our favorite candidates in primary elections on the local, state and national levels. We support ALL Republican nominees in general elections. Our endorsees are the kind of mainstream Republicans who win general elections. Our endorsees have the highest winning record in general elections of any Republican endorsing group. That’s why our endorsement is highly valued by primary candidates. In order to get our endorsement, a candidate must win at least two thirds of the delegate votes at our endorsing conventions. Local chapters get together to endorse in local and regional races.

Our party’s greatest strength is in its grassroots members. That’s why CCR operates from the bottom up. Members choose our leaders, set our policies and vote on endorsements. Our state Board of Directors is dominated by elected leaders from the local chapters.

Members are not constantly harassed to send money to anybody. Pay your annual dues (which are kept very low), and the rest is up to you. We value work above money.

We work to register more Republicans.

We help get out the GOP vote at election time.

We seek new leaders to step forward and serve in government.

We also take positions on ballot issues.

We have chapters throughout the state. We want to charter more chapters. Won’t you join us in our grassroots effort to serve our communities, our party, our state and our nation?

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