By Mark Hershey, President
California Congress of Republicans

Republican candidates endorsed by the California Congress of Republicans turned in a solid performance in the June 2022 Primary. More than 85% of the 70 candidates we endorsed advanced to the Top Two for the November 8th General Election. This is a remarkable feat given that Californian Republican registration stands at just ~24%. But perceptions are changing in the Golden State, especially as inflation and poor governance assault hard-working taxpayers.  To succeed, Republicans need to continue to increase voter registrations and convince No Party Preference and moderate, free-thinking Democrats to vote for commonsense, GOP candidates. Republican values, such as fiscal prudence, are time-tested and must be communicated to voters — even with the tough challenge of a one-party tyranny.  It’s time to shake up the makeup of our elected and appointed public offices.   

I would like to spotlight Peter Coe Verbica (also known as “The Equalizer”) – one of these successful Top Two candidates.  Peter is running for Board of Equalization District 2 which encompasses 19 counties.  Peter’s background in real estate, law and finance makes him the most qualified for the position.  He served as President of our California Congress of Republicans for four years and President of one of our most active chapters, the South Peninsula Area Republican Coalition (“SPARC”). Peter was an outstanding and energetic force for our organization. He is a brilliant, honest, and ethical leader, as well as a loving family man with four remarkable daughters, one of whom served in the US Navy.  After receiving his bachelor’s degree, Peter earned a Master’s degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a J.D. from Santa Clara University (impressive).  He is passionate about creating good paying jobs for California’s workers, bringing safety back to our neighborhoods, reducing governmental overreach, and making affordable housing possible for our teachers and first responders.  When elected, Peter will champion lower taxes, an end to government waste, better water infrastructure, and a curbing of rampant CEQA abuses.  When you meet Peter in person, you want him to be your friend for life.  I cannot think of a more thoughtful, qualified, and deserving person to serve California as one of its elected.  He would make California a better place to live.

Soon, many more Republicans will step up for their community and register as candidates for their local water board, school board, and City council positions.  The campaign trail is a marathon which tests our candidates’ will and endurance.  As members of the California Congress of Republicans, we are a volunteer, grassroots army which works hard for these candidates. Our candidates will be ridiculed, lied about, attacked, and unfairly treated in the press and social media over the next several months. Please display the same courage and energy to support our candidates and let’s be part of a “Red Wave” in November.

One man’s thoughts.  Let’s shake it up!

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