What I Learned Running as a Republican in California

Peter Coe Verbica
November 14, 2022

Pull up a chair and I’ll tell you a story.  It’s not about little red riding hood or houses built out of straw.  But there are pigs and wolves.

I’m a fifth-generation Californian who grew up on a cattle ranch and went to MIT.  So, I’ve looked back at the old and looked ahead to the new. I have training in real estate, law and finance.  I work as an investment advisor and an investment banker.  I have four daughters and am a baptized Episcopalian.  I have served on many non-profit boards, though I prefer being on horseback.  This year, I bucked the advice of many friends and ran as a Republican for the Board of Equalization (“BOE”).  I’m in District 2 which covers 19 counties that cling to the coast from the Oregon border down to Ventura County.

What’s the BOE?  It was created in 1879 to ensure that counties charged property taxes uniformly.  It collects alcohol and pipeline taxes.  Perhaps most unique to the Board is its Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate Office.  Some want the BOE folded under the governor’s office.  Those wary of consolidating power have argued otherwise.

As a Top Two candidate, I made it to the General Election.  To my surprise, I beat one of Gavin Newsom’s former hand-picked replacements.   (He appointed her to the SF Board of Supervisors when he jumped to his next gig.)  The good news?  Our campaign bumped up the district’s CAGOP percentage of votes by over 13% versus the last election cycle.  They’re still counting the votes.  So far, 584,090 voted for yours truly – more than 2.5 times the number of Republicans in the State of Wyoming!  The bad news?  I still lost decisively to a hard-Left progressive.  It makes you scratch your head and take stock.

Here’s what I learned, running as a commonsense Republican in California…

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Ballots Have Arrived – Time to Vote

By Mark Hershey, President
California Congress of Republicans

We all should have received our ballots by now. It is Election Season in California. I cannot stress enough how important it is for each of us to vote. And we must convince all our family members, friends, neighbors to vote as well. Many of us are working with local campaigns to get out Republican voters by phone banking, door knocking, sign waving, and financial support. This is particularly important, but do not forget to have your closest relationships vote.

Getting Republicans out to vote is especially important since we are only 24% of the registered voters in California. Midterm elections historically have lower voter turnout. Terrible policies by the current Democrat controlled regime have caused 40-year high inflation, unprecedented gasoline prices, poor economic conditions, out of control crime, open border crisis, fentanyl deaths, and demonization of parents by public school officials. These issues are motivating Republican and NPP voters while discouraging Democrat voters. If 70% of Republicans vote while only 50% of Democrats vote, California can be part of the 2022 Red Wave. It is not realistic to think we can win every race, but we must re-elect our Republican incumbents while we add many more Republicans to California State offices, Congress, Assembly and State Senate, and local city council, water board, and school board offices. Removing the one party dominated legislature begins with baby steps, but I believe we can make a big jump this cycle.

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