The Anaheim Marriott was the place to be on the last weekend of September. The California Republican Party hosted its Fall Convention and had four, count them, four Presidential candidates speak at the convention. Leading off with President Donald J. Trump at Friday’s Lunch Banquet, he spoke to a multitude of excited and vocal guests. Senator Tim Scott held an afternoon event where he delivered his speech on his vision and goals for our country. The Friday evening dinner featured Governor Ron DeSantis where he spoke to another full house of California faithful Republicans. On Saturday, Vivek Ramaswamy was the featured speaker for the lunch banquet and did not disappoint another assembly of Republicans.

The California Congress of Republicans held its meeting Saturday afternoon where it presented a program, “What to Expect on Sunday,” Members from the committees on Sunday’s agenda informed the attendees what would be presented to the delegates and their recommendations on each item. There were CCR members belonging to each of these committees. Candice Cetrone represented the Volunteers Organization Committee, Luis Buhler delivered the Rules Committee information, Mike Wright spoke for the Initiatives Committee, Anna Bryson represented the Resolutions Committee, and Mark Hershey gave the recommendation from the Platform Committee.

CCR members from all over the state attended the meeting and gave their Chapter updates, John Murphy reported on the events and meetings held by North County of San Diego organization, Dr. Arnie Zeiderman described the progress and plans for the North Sierra region, and Anna Bryson advised on the recent and future events for the Orange County club. Charlene Stover gave the Hemet / San Jacinto presentation. Timur Engin updated us on the many activities involving SPARC. Jeff Brown delivered the update for Santa Clarita having monthly meetings and a recent barbecue social event.

Once again, the California Congress of Republicans was a sponsor for the “Return to the Republican Revolution – circa 1994” party on Saturday night that was hosted by the California Young Republican Federation and the Log Cabin Republicans of California. Organizations. Hundreds of Republicans enjoyed the event going late into the night.

The California Congress of Republicans presented itself well at the convention. An informative presentation at our meeting and a fun time with our Republican friends at the Saturday night party.

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