From the Capitol


* high gas taxes/reformulated gas
* fascist, anti-land owner environmental policies
* censor-friendly social media companies
* needle-infested sidewalk encampments
* Draconian zoning laws which artificially drive up housing costs,
* anti-2A policies
* Absence of new water storage and pipe projects despite voters approving billions
* Electricity shut downs
* lack of power plant construction despite rise in population
* Decades of poor forestry mgt. contributing to deadly fires
* Billions of dollars on train-to-nowhere boondoggle
* Anti-business regulation and tax policies
* Stratospheric income taxes
* Anti-hunter policies with state owned land
* High vehicle registration fees
* Weaponized and politically-skewed school curricula
* Lack of spending on improved highway and new road infrastructure
* tax, borrow and spend politicians
* Etc.