(Photo credit: Peter Verbica)

The Follies of Gavin Newsom

By Peter Verbica
President, CA Congress of Republicans

Merriam-Webster defines “folly” as “lack of good sense or normal prudence and foresight” and “criminally or tragically foolish actions or conduct.”  It’s a word which comes to mind when one examines the antics of hapless Governor Gavin Newsom (the reported darling of nest-featherers Pelosi, Feinstein, Brown and Getty[i]).

Lately, he has been busier than an arsonist with a fresh pack of matches.  To wit:

  • signing over 1,000 new bills[ii], ensuring businesses and taxpayers will continue to leave California in droves,
  • shoe-horning statewide rent control into law, despite clear-eyed economists who warn that such wrong-headed policies will drive up costs to renters and lower supply[iii],
  • blaming utility companies for turning off electricity rather than looking at the foolhardy policies of radical environmentalists[iv],
  • raising taxes and fees on the backs of the poor and the Middle Class (including helping California to outstrip Hawaii for highest gas prices in the country[v]),
  • frittering away precious time while not advocating for much-needed dramatic pension reform[vi], and
  • fighting two recall petitions which seek to dethrone him.

You know that you have to be despised to attract not one, but TWO recall initiatives!  (Go to https://recallnewsom.us/ and https://ranaf.org/full-recall-info-page for more information.)

Will the California taxpayer finally wake up and throw these Sacramento bums out?  Only time will tell, as our state devolves into Venezuela II.

Let’s hope that Gavin has a cousin who owns a truck who can help him and his new wife Jennifer (an expert on “toxic” masculinity[vii]) pack their bags.

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Gloves Off

California politics have changed, but not for reasons that you might think. As more and more Californians become oppressed renters, due to a lack of housing supply, they’re more prone to vote for policies which penalize owners. Interested in more Republicans in California? Reform land use!

Lectures on the Evils of Bullying by Bullies and other Strange Phenomena

It’s a strange time for Americans of all stripes, especially Republicans.  Corporations and churches are flying their multi-colored virtue-signaling flags from every edifice, making sure that the public at large is aware of their cartoonish participation in this month’s cultural cause cé·lè·bre. We can breathe a collective sigh of relief knowing that issues of true importance, such as restroom signage and bike lanes for indignant cyclists are being dealt with speed and industry. 

The Business of Character

This business of character must begin within each of us, not externally by electing unassailable saints. It begins with encouraging each individual’s enlightenment and explaining what it means to be free and to be an American.