Congratulations to Jessica Patterson,
the new CCR-endorsed
Chair of the California Republican Party!

Delegates also elected Bay Area businessman Peter Kuo as Vice Chair, Central Coast Financial Services business owner Greg Gandrud as Treasurer, and San Diego Attorney Randy Berholtz as Secretary.

Newly Elected Chair Jessica Millan Patterson

Jessica Millan Patterson is the first woman and first Latina to lead the California Republican Party. She has a long history of political involvement, most recently as CEO of the Trailblazers to recruit and train Republican candidates in California. Upon her election, Patterson invited her opponents, Travis Allen and Steve Frank, to lead a voter registration task force.

Newly Elected Vice Chair Peter Kuo

Peter Kuo is an immigrant, Founder of Silicon Valley International Group, CEO of Peter Kuo Insurance Agency, former Candidate for Congress and State Senate, and he is a member of CCR Chapter South Peninsula Area Republican Coalition (SPARC).

Newly Elected Treasurer Greg Gandrud

Greg Gandrud is the founder of Gandrud Financial Services Corporation where he manages tax and business services, wealth management, trust administration and real estate investments. He has served on the Carpenteria City Council and as the CAGOP Vice Chair for the Central Coast Region.

Newly Elected Secretary Randy Berholtz

Randy Berholtz is a lawyer and biotech executive from San Diego. He serves as outside counsel to the Election Integrity Project California and other private and public interest law firms, such as Judicial Watch, on matters relating to election integrity.