As President of the California Congress of Republicans, I invite you to join us!

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Welcome to CCR!

Peter Coe Verbica, CCR Chair

California Congress of Republicans (CCR) is a statewide organization, chartered by the California Republican Party with chapters throughout the State of California. Many of our members also serve on their county Republican Central Committees.

We believe:

  • That our State should lower its taxes and regulations to keep it affordable for all Californians
  • In a healthy environment for our loved ones, governed by reasonable rather than elitist policies
  • That taxes should be well-spent on the right infrastructure , such as better water storage, roads and fire prevention
  • That burdens should be lifted off of small businesses to create better jobs 

We are welcoming new members with diverse ideas, who relish the power of teamwork. We will assist you in building your chapter!

CCR helps identify, bring forward and endorse statewide candidates. Send your recommendations to our leadership.

For more information, please call me at (408) 832-3030 or email me at


Peter Coe Verbica

Messages from the President

Take a Knee for Hao Haidong

Take a Knee for Hao Haidong

Haidong unequivocally put his own life, and perhaps the rest of his family’s, on the line by criticizing the CCP. Shortly after his condemnation of his country’s totalitarian rulers, his social media account with millions of followers was summarily erased. If you must take a knee for diversity, consider taking a knee for diversity of ideas, such as “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness,” and take a knee for Hao Haidong.

The Balancing of Rocks

The Balancing of Rocks

With the U.S. debt ratio at 109.37% to the GDP, it’s more than double the figure of 53.05% in 1960. Cash may have once been king, but in today’s sick world, it could very well end up the joker. 

Gloves Off

Gloves Off

California politics have changed, but not for reasons that you might think. As more and more Californians become oppressed renters, due to a lack of housing supply, they’re more prone to vote for policies which penalize owners. Interested in more Republicans in California? Reform land use!

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